Bayside City

Going through search I noticed a interesting listing – Big Bear Fitness Studio. I decided to tp over to take a look, curious to see what the studio actually had to offer. I landed in front of a rental store and noticed I was in an rental area for other stores.

I decided to walk around to find the fitness studio, however, I gave up looking while looking at all this great community has to offer – restaurants, basketball court, beach area, rental shops, a Bayside Hospital, and so much more. I never did find the fitness studio, but I did enjoy touring around this stunning and well put together sim.

Information about Bayside City:

Bayside City is a Second Life role play community created by Meela Vanderbuilt and managed by Reyna Carolina. Meela Vanderbuilt, also owner of The Monarchy, enjoys creating spaces in Second Life for residents to live, work, and play. A writer herself, eager to find a community where she could begin a new story. She was eager to create a city that allowed her to share a bit of her home but also build a world, full of unique characters and exciting secrets.

Meela began her time in Second Life role playing and credits role play for being one of the reasons she has remained in Second Life. She hopes to create a space where residents can seamlessly blend their role play interests with their financial goals.

Bayside is a growing city that is equipped with residential properties, both public and private, allowing residents to choose their experience. You’ll also find homes for any budget here, beginning at $300L per week. Our mission is to provide other Second Life residents the opportunity to live, work, role play and build exciting stories in one place.

In addition to residential properties, Bayside welcomes both role play and for-profit businesses to begin their virtual enterprises in Bayside. Both Meela and Reyna come with a long history of virtual business ownership and are excited to share that space with residents.

Conclusion: If your looking for a community that has a great ‘At home’ atmosphere. A place that has so much to offer, come and check out this unique and stylish community.

And for more information about Bayside City, the official website:

Bayside City – Second Life Role Play Community (

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