First time visiting this venue and I have to say the look and feel is very quaint and even on a slower machine I did not experience lag. On stage is the host, who is also the owner Angel FireCaster (Angelisious Resident).

I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner. What a great and friendly personality. One feature she mentioned I’ve never seen before or heard of is the spot on dance. I think the owner can explain this better than me:

[20:34] Angel FireCaster (Angelisious Resident): u can join em on it if u left click the pink intan and hold it down
[20:34] Angel FireCaster (Angelisious Resident): it will slide u over to them
[20:34] Angel FireCaster (Angelisious Resident): and u can dance with them

How cool is that? The DJ Ėlenα Nightfire-Howley (ElenaFriest Resident) is playing a great mix of country music. The voice is clear and both DJ and Host are active in local chat, greeting and conversing with the guests. The atmosphere is upbeat and very enjoyable. The venue offers rental property at great prices.

If your looking for a place that offers you a fun, entertaining place that has a “Your Family” feel then Country Strong Reborn is the place to be. Bring your friends, family, or that special someone.

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