FogBound Blues

The best in Blues is FogBound Blues. According to the sim information, the venue shows 2009 and that would put FogBound Blues at close to 12 years in operation. It is great so see such a iconic venue still alive in Second Life offering guests the best in Blues entertainment.

Venturing inside the club the floor was packed with 45 guests listening to a great mix of music provided by the current DJ Mellow™ Merryman (mellow1man Merryman). Looking at his profile his schedule shows he streams every single day of the week, with six days at FogBound Blues. Now that is what I call true dedication to a club.

The venue currently shows 85,361 making FogBound Blues the top spot Blues venue on Second Life. While many venues have come and gone, FogBound Blues is a true milestone in a virtual world that sees so many changes.

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