I had the pleasure of meeting Sparkle (Sparkely Sugar) who is also the Media Manager. She took the time to show me around, answer all my questions and provide me with lots of information on the estate. A person with a wonderful personality.

I was in complete awe when it came to everything Gooseberry offered. Horse back riding, board games, boat rides to name a few. The homes alone are the highest quality I’ve seen and the different landscaping for each home is of such beauty and quality. When it comes to thinking of what to offer Gooseberry practically thought of it.

And as for prices? Some of the best prices offered with plenty of prims and with ALL the amenities that is offered this is indeed a deal that can not be beat! Did I mention the home and land items do not count toward your prim usage? Now on to the details of Gooseberry Estates:



Our philosophy here at Gooseberry Estates is that the tenants make it what it is and should guide us in developing and expanding the estate based on their needs. We are a concierge estate and endeavor to make your home truly yours.

We try very hard to think out of the box and be unique, making Gooseberry a special place like no other. Though that is hard to do, it is still our daily goal and approach to every endeavor we take on in growing our community.

There is a house rez system on every parcel so tenants can choose and change their homes whenever they like. New houses are added as they are released by major designers and are often in our rezzers within 24 hours of release. We also make every parcel a water parcel and surround each home in lush landscaping designs. Add to that our house painting and landscaping services, plus free docks on demand and you are on your way to creating your perfect home.

The Gooseberry team is a like-minded group of meshers, scripters, bloggers and landscapers. We offer monthly group gifts we make ourselves and a monthly lottery for free rent. We run miscellaneous contests and special events. All of this adds up to a rental estate with more variety than any other plus all the perks of a store group.

Also, for every full, rental sim we purchase we buy a homestead that is just for play. Themed homesteads, like our farm so tenants can stable horses or farm plants, or our forest sim with trails for horseback riding, camping and other cuddle areas, plus other various parks, free stores, playgrounds, boat rezzers and connected sailable waters and other public areas, make Gooseberry an estate like no other. And it’s all free to our tenants. Once you rent at Gooseberry, you can use your prims as you like. Set up a store in one of our shops, stable your horse on the farm, grow crops or set up camp in our forest. We want you to use your prims your way.


Each parcel is equipped with a parcel rez system. We offer a variety of homes that rez fully landscaped for you to choose from. The house and landscaping are free to you and do NOT count against your prims. Change houses as often as you like. More homes will be added regularly Some homes are customizable with built in color change menus. Some homes we chose and some are suggestions from our tenants.


Refer a friend to us and receive a bonus in the form of free rent. Your bonus is bases on their first rental payment. The more they rent initially, the higher your bonus. If they rent two weeks, you get 1 week free rent added to your tenancy. This is converted if the parcels are different sizes.


Like most rentals, we do not offer refunds on rent, however, if you let us know that you will not be renewing and you plan to, or are willing to, vacate early, we will do our best to find a tenant to take over your parcel. If you, or Gooseberry, can find someone to rent your parcel before your tenancy ends, we will refund you any rent you have left. It is not guaranteed we will find someone but we will do our best and we have had success in refunding tenants in the past.


If you would like to set out something in your yard, like a gazebo or shed for example, go ahead and set it out where you want it. Once you are set up, contact one of us to come move the landscaping around your item. We want you to use your yard as you like. And although the waterways are public, you may use the public space between your parcel and the shore as part of your yard.


All parcels are water parcels. Your home will either back up to the lake or the ocean. Either way, your parcel will not include the water as we want to keep all the regions sailable and connected. However, you can put a dock out into the water so you can enjoy it. If you don’t have a dock we will put one out for you.


We like the community to help us shape Gooseberry so it best fits how you want to live your SL life. If you would like to see an experience on the estate or would like to see us support you in some other way, please let us know.


We try to design Gooseberry so that tenants can take advantage of every prim as well as the public areas. One way we do this is offering free stores. If you are a tenant and have the prims, you can visit our shopping area and set up shop in one of the empty store. If there are no stores empty, contact Bren Kenin to see if we can’t set one up for you.


We have three parcel sizes: small, large and islands. Each has it’s own rezzer with it’s own set of houses to choose from. If a home is able to be landscaped on both the small and large parcel it will be included in both but, for the most part, the rezzers have a different inventory of homes to choose from. The small parcel start at 500 prims for L$750/wk. The large parcel starts at 1000 prims for L$1500/wk. Private islands start at L$3750/wk for 1500 prims.


Besides the land being set to private, we offer several layers of security and privacy. There is currently a security orb linked to each rental box, accessible from the mailbox.

The parcels are also set to private so you don’t have to worry about people camming in. Sounds and voice are restricted to parcels as well.


We are going to be offering all the benefits of a land group plus all the perks of a retail group. What does this mean? This means group gifts. But as we are designers, mesh makers and scripters, this means custom made gifts just for our tenants changed out monthly.


There will be a monthly lottery for some wonderful prizes. It may be a week of free rent or a nice gift card from a great, popular store. Any tenant, sub-tenant or patron tenant can enter.


We have some public areas set up for relaxing and cuddling. We plan to offer more as we grow and develop. We will be asking for our tenants input as to what they would like to see on the sim. We hope you will enjoy being a part of the creative force designing the Gooseberry Estates as we grow.


Wear your group to to rez on your parcel. You can also rez in public areas. We only ask that you clean up after you are done in the public areas.

The Gooseberry Estates Team

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