Holly Giles At The Sheworthy Pub

Going through event search this particular artist caught my eye. I’m glad I arrived in time to hear the magnificent and beautiful voice of Holly Giles. Her voice is in perfect harmony with her song, hitting each note perfectly.

If you are looking for a highly talented artist that has a great variety of music that is sure to entertain, Holly Giles will have you wanting to hear more.

Hailing from Australia, Holly Giles brings a fresh voice to the live music scene of Second Life. A long time promoter of the musical arts, she further enriches our world with her uniquely moving vocal range and passion. She finds joy in music that is not only felt by the listener but fuels each and every one of her performances. Her genre ranges from classic country and classic rock through to modern pop. Holly Giles is a name AND experience you won’t soon forget!

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