This is without a doubt one awesome venue. There is so much to see and do. I was lucky as I got to catch the host and DJ (both owners of Mountain Lion Club) working together on stage. DJ ﮎƲɳﮎєߙ ƤєƲєɳﮎєץ (Sunset Moonites) played a great mix and her voice was, how to say it, sexy? The voice was clear, upbeat, and yes, sexy.

The host Krystal Rose Morant (Krystal333 Resident) and DJ make a great team keeping the guests entertained in local chat while greeting guests arriving. A drama free place that treats guests with respect.

Thanks to the host, she provided me some great information about the venue:

*Owners: Krystal Rose Morant (krystal333)
ﮎƲɳﮎєߙ ƤєƲєɳﮎєץ (sunset.moonites)
Dan (dan.pevensey)
мιѕѕ ᴛɪɴᴀ ᴋɪɴɢ (tina.rowley)

*Opened: April 5, 2017

*Full Sim with Club, Amusement Park, Mall
Mountain Lion is a family oriented sim. We welcome child avatars, families, furrys and all different avatars. We will be celebrating our 4th anniversary on April 5, 2021. We own our own sim and have a big Amusement Park, Music Club and Shopping Mall. We have Live DJs and also Live Singers. Every few months we have a particle/laser show put on by Sky Fire. Monthly we have a Wild Kajaera event with a raffle and WK prizes. The Amusement Park and Mall are open 24/7.

*CLUB – DJs, Hosts & Live Singers
Stage Music 10am-8pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Special Events, Theme DJ Sets & Live Singers (see notecard)

*Amusement Park: Rides and Games
-Greedy & Ludo Table Games
-Hot Air Balloon Ride
-Dreams of Romance (Venice Gondola Ride)
-Rodeo Bull Ride
-Haunted Mansion Ride
-Go Carts (take tp pad)
-Mini Golf
-Bumper Cars
-Top Spin Gondola Ride
-Ice Skating Rink
-Ferris Wheel
-Roller Coasters
-Rolling Thunder
-Torgon’s Steel Beast
-Olympia Looping
-Torgon’s Space Ride
-Family Fun Coaster
-Twist’n Puke Ride
-Frisbee Ride
-Shell Shocked Ride
-The Scary Medusa Ride
-KID ZONE with kid size rides, playground and more!
-Romantic Dance Area

-shops, market carts & ad board rentals
-skydome rentals
-BeYou Farmer’s Market cart rentals

*MALL – Two Stories with Thirteen Shops (one available for rent)
-Greta’s Couture
-A & J Shoes
-S & B Clothes
-hoorenbeek Men’s Clothing
-Twinkle & Dazzle
-Anki D Design
-Mashumaro Clothing
-Hippy Trends Clothing
-Gypsysun Creations Clothing
-Cici’Lin Clothing
-Totally Random Clothing & Shoes

If your looking for a sim that not only offers great music then bring your friends, family or just yourself over and enjoy the fun and excitement that only Mountain Lion Club can offer!

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