Muddy’s Music Cafe

Time to revisit one of the most popular venue on Second Life. I’ve always been a fan of Muddy’s but have not ventured over for several years. I do enjoy the change of theme to reflect the seasons, always a stunning job.

Arriving I’ve noticed 48 guests in the club. The DJ currently streaming is Wendy Helstein. A great voice with a nice mix. The host is Ƙίɱ ƤогƭιƖо (KimLoraine Resident). Host and DJ are very active in chat and are quick to greet arriving guests.

Muddy’s has been around for years and is still going strong with great entertainment and staff. If you’ve never visited Muddy’s before, or just looking to get away from every day life, Muddy’s is open 24 hours to cater to all time zones.

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  1. It definitely is great to join one of the sets of those two on stage, Wendy & Kim. They are quick, fun, powerful and not at the least very cheeky. A joy to be at their sets!

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