Phat Cat’s Ballroom

It was 2014 when I first started DJ’ing at Phat Cat’s. I remember seeing a packed ball room, sometimes with up to 80 guests. But like many venues on Second Life Phat Cat’s has changed several owners when the venue closed a few years ago.

Most felt the build was outdated back in the days and needed a change, however, it was the build that distinguished Phat Cat’s from the rest. Working at Phat Cat’s I had the pleasure of meeting many hosts and other DJ’s, but as time has gone on so has those friendships.

Phat Cat’s is still around under another owner and on another venue. The original build is now being used again and modified. Looking at the traffic of only 345 Phat Cat’s has lost it’s luster from the early days. People do not like big changes, and when a venue changes hands many times people start to loose interest.

Phat Cat’s was a thriving ballroom in the early days of Second Life, however, those days are gone.

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