Return to Da Vinci Gardens

It’s been over 6 years since I’ve visited Da Vinci Gardens. There has been some changes, most noticeably each section you can teleport to is a skybox. Da Vinci Gardens has been around since 2008, a true icon when it came to featuring fun activities such as Find Pharao’s Tomb.

There is so much to see as Da Vinci Gardens offers different areas you can visit. Bring your friends, family for a nice outing together. You can ride animals, boats, tour ancient pyramids, have a romantic dance, go deep inside a lava cave, and much more.


Grand Dance Hall

Turtle Sanctuary

Dance At The Old Lighthouse

Ancient Realm

Treasure Islands


Sunken Atlantis

Mermaid Piano

Find Pharao’s Tomb

Dig Out Treasures

Rocket Take You To The Planets

Dripstone Cave

Shop For Da Vinci Designs

Dream Slide

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