Tennessee Whiskey Country Club

Being from Tennessee myself I decided to check out this venue to see what they had to offer. Love the look of the club, the building is an old whiskey distillery. Sadly, I have never been to the Grand Ol’ Opry but it’s on my to see list.

The host and DJ were quick to greet every guest as they arrived at the venue. Both DJ and host are very active in local chat making for a entertaining and enjoyable time. The host at the time of this writing is Bo Noriar – Phyre (Boriar Resident) and the DJ is Evan Truman (EvenPar Elman). The music mixture was fantastic.

There are those clubs that seems too monotone, your just standing while the chat is filled with non stop spam. Tennessee Whiskey is a club were you feel welcomed and the entertainment and staff are top notch. If your looking for a place were you can be yourself, this venue is highly recommended.


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