The Club

First time visiting this venue. The Club has been around for over 10 years making The Club a true classic in Second Life. Upon arriving the stunning winter scene is the first thing I noticed. After making my way to the dance area greetings were given by the host, the DJ, and other guests.

On stage is the host belen (belen Overland). Very active in local chat with guests with a upbeat personality, greeting guests on arrival. Checking out her profile are several links you may want to check out. Her photography looks amazing.

belen overland | Flickr

Bel’s Blogspot (

As a video creator I can say her pictures would look great in a beautiful 3D photo gallery style promo video. Of course my own opinion 🙂

The DJ Arioch Snowpaw is playing a great mix of music. While some of the artists I have not heard before, it introduced me to some new artists I’ll be checking out. The voice is upbeat, clear, and he works well with the host greeting guests and conversing in local chat.

The atmosphere was a fun, upbeat experience with very little lag even on my laptop. There was no local chat spam, tons of particles that made for a great time. According to the club bio:

Rock the way you should! Friends Family Variety Newbie Friendly Entertainment Rock Club Fun Hangout Music Club. Live DJs daily 4-10.

If your looking for a fun and friendly atmosphere without the drama, The Club offers you great DJ’s, fantastic Host’s and a great place to come and hang out to listen to great tunes while meeting new people.


  1. The Club is the BEST Club in SL!! Everyone is always SUPER welcoming, super fun and super caring. They really treat their regulars and new guests like they’ve known us for years.

    They have great DJs and hosts and awesome dances. It’s a very fun, interactive club. I know I can go there when I’m tired from a long day of SL work and leave at the end of the night feeling happy and re-energized. :

    I love hanging out at The Club and will return again and again for a very long time. :))

    Keep on clubbin’ at The Club!!!

    Thank you all so much!!

    Squirl E Pants <3

  2. Thank you GTS News for stopping by. A great article. As one of the owners, I am a bit biased towards our staff and VIPS. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and having that AT Home feeling for a Club.

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