The Return Of Franks Jazz

It’s been ages since I’ve been a host and DJ at Franks Jazz. Was really surprised to see the venue has returned with the original build. Walking inside I saw only three individuals, the General Manager, Sr. Manager and the DJ.

Franks Bogarts and Elite are all still around, however, the lag that we all became accustomed to when the original Franks was around seems to have declined, however, with only three avatars on the sim, excluding myself, that of course is a big factor.

As with any change it seems Franks Jazz ended with the closure years ago and even with new ownership the venue just does not have the same feel as it’s early days. I remember working hours as a host to a packed house and meeting some very nice people and not so nice. Who is to say the venue may not return with great success? Only time will tell.

The venues are now owned by William (William Zeta).

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