The Rowley Cafe

I’m a fan of cafe’s and have visited many, however, what really caught my attention at The Rowley Cafe is the attention to detail, the layout of the furniture and other items while leaving enough room for quests to walk around.

The owner of this beautiful setup is also a host at Wildcat Country Club. I had the pleasure of speaking with Eva Jo Rowley. Such a upbeat, pleasant person. She described her vision of The Rowley Cafe perfectly when she said: ‘A place for friends old and new. Make us your home away from home in Second Life.’

If your looking for a stress free, drama free, safe place to relax and meet new people to talk to, play games with and possibly make new friendships along the way then The Rowley Cafe is the place.


  1. Eva Jo, the chick who helps run this plcce, owns it idk is a lunatic. She abuses us tosses us away, doxes people, starts shit, and is just a general crazy person. I thought gtsnews was more discernin than coverin places full of toxic ppl.

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