Waterfall Of Dreams

I am a huge nature, romantic sim fan. When I first came across Waterfall Of Dreams the first thing that caught my eye was the beauty of the landscape, the realism of the many different items places around the sim – the statues, tables, foliage, tress, musical instruments just to name a few.

This sim offers a true relaxation as you over look the ocean, or sit and watch the fairy on the pond. Enjoy a quiet romantic time with that special someone using the many cuddle areas around the sim.

A great way to get away from the stresses of life as you let your mind escape. Bring that special someone, a friend, or come solo and enjoy all that this beautiful sim has to offer. Be sure to check out the many areas in the sky, and the dance platform



Dinner by candlelight. Relaxing, Tai Chi, Dreaming & own music stream. Explore the waterfalls by rowing boat, hot air balloon or horse. Many romantic places for couples or just to relax. Elves, fairies and all other beautiful creatures are very welcome.

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